onsdag 13 december 2017

Recensioner 2017

Här kan man ta del av bloggens samtliga recensioner under 2017.

Pride Of Lions - "Fearless"
Place Vendome - "Close to the sun"
Lionville - "A World of Fools"
Battle Beast - "Bringer Of Pain"
Art Nation - "Liberation"
Coastland Ride - "Distance"
Eclipse - "Monumentum"
One Desire - "s/t"
Stagman - "Är Ni Kvar Där Ute?"
Confess - "Haunters"
Eclipse + Dynazty (Fryshuset Klubben, Stockholm 31/3 2017)
Heavy Tiger - "Glitter"
Shape of The New Sun - "Dying Embers"
Inglorious - "II"
The Night Flight Orchestra - "Amber Galactic"
Revelations - "Gatekeeper"
All 4 1 - "The World's Best Hope"
The Ferrymen - "s/t"
Mr.Big - "Defying Gravity"
H.E.A.T. - "Into the great unknown"
Ytterligare en recension av H.E.A.T:s nya album
Moritz - "About Time Too"
Streamline - "s/t"
Styx – ”The Mission”
Cats In Space - "Scarecrow"
Cheap Trick - "We're all allright" (Deluxe)
Heaven & Earth - "Hard to kill"
The Nights - "s/t
Kryptonite - "s/t"
Six Feet Deeper - "s/t" (EP)
Stan Bush - "Change the World"
The Quireboys - "White Trash Blues"
Kee Of Hearts - "s/t"
Martina Edoff - "We Will Align"
The Radio Sun - "Unstoppable"
Newman - "Aerial"
Code Red - "Incendiary"
Phil Lanzon - "If You Think I'm Crazy"
Phantom 5 - "Play to win"
L.A. Guns - "The Missing Peace"
Bigfoot - "s/t"
Wildness - "s/t"
Revolution Saints - "Light in the dark"
Houston - "III"
Tyketto - "Live From Milan"
Robin Beck - "Love Is Coming"
Madam X - "Monstrocity"
Pink Cream 69 - "Headstrong"
Jeff Scott Soto - "Retribution"
Europe - "Walk The Earth"
Sweet & Lynch - ”Unified”
Primal Fear - "Best of Fear"
Black Aces - "Anywhere But Here"
Kansas - "Leftoverture Live and beyond"
Babylon A.D. - ”Revelation highway”
Warrior Soul - ”Back on the lash”
Beast In Black - "Berserker"
The Dark Element - "s/t"
Panorama - "Around The World"
Eisely/Goldy - "Blood, Guts and Games"
Raintimes - "s/t"
Pretty Boy Floyd - ”Public Enemies”
Jono - "Life"
The Poodles - "Prisma"

ReVertigo presenterar omslag + låtlista för sitt kommande debutalbum

Här kan man spana in omslag och låtlista för det nya projektbandet ReVertigo´s självbetitlade debutalbum som släpps den 23:e februari via bolaget Frontiers Records.

1. Hoodwinked
2. Sailing Stones
3. Symphony Of Fallen Angels
4. The Cause
5. Gate Of The Gods
6. False Flag
7. Unobtainium
8. Luciferian Break Up
9. Joan Of Arc
10. Break Away
11. In Revertigo

För ytterligare information: facebook.com/ReVertigoOfficial

Rick Springfield - "Santa Is An Anagram" (Lyric Video)

Rick Springfield har släppt en lyrikvideo till nya singeln "Santa Is An Anagram". Lyssna via spelaren här nedan.

tisdag 12 december 2017

Shiraz Lane släpper sitt andra album i februari

Den 23:e februari släpper det finska rockbandet Shiraz Lane nya albumet "Carnival Days" via bolaget Frontiers Records. Plattan kommer att innehålla följande material:

1. Carnival Days
2. The Crown
3. Harder to Breathe
4. Tidal Wave
5. Gotta Be Real
6. People Like Us
7. Shangri-La
8. War of Mine
9. Shot of Life
10. Hope
11. Reincarnation

Här kan man lyssna på albumets titelspår.

Sixgun Renegades - "Loaded Gun" (Lyric Video)

Det finska hårdrocksbandet Sixgun Renegades presenterar här en lyrikvideo till låten "Loaded Gun" från deras självbetitlade album, som släpps den 26:e januari.

Michael Schenker Fest presenterar låtlista för sitt kommande album

Den 2:e mars släpper Michael Schenker Fest sitt nya album "Resurrection", som kommer att innehålla följande låtar:

1. Heart And Soul
2. Take Me To The Church
4. Night Moods
5. The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes
6. Everest
7. Messing Around
8. Time Knows When It's Time
9. Anchors Away
10. Salavation
11. Living A Life Worth Living
12. The Last Supper

Dogface återutger debutalbum i januari

Den 22:e januari återutger det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet Dogface debutalbumet "Unleashed", som då kommer att innehålla två stycken bonusspår.

MelodicRock Records is very pleased to be giving one of the best melodic hard rock albums of the 2000s another run, releasing a brand-new version of the classic DOGFACE debut Unleashed on January 22. This time it’s called ReLeashed, because this is a turbo-charged record – remastered and remixed!

Band founder, guitarist, writer and producer MARTIN KRONLUND has gone back over the album and given it a fresh new mix from original master files, as well as adding some fresh parts and even a new twist or two!

Featuring the masterful Mats Leven on vocals, who delivers one of his most powerful and menacing performances alongside Stefan Egeman on bass; Anders Skoog on Hammond Organ and Patrik Engelbrektsson on drums. Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson guests with additional lead guitar on 3 tracks.

And we’re not done there. ReLeashed also adds two exclusive bonus tracks:

- A Little Ain’t Enough (originally recorded for a 3rd Dogface MTM Music release)
- Pray For Me (from the debut recording sessions, reserved to be a Japanese bonus track)

Over to Martin for comment: “The main reason why we do this is the enthusiasm and encouragement from Andrew and Melodic Rock Records. Without them, we would not have done this. When we started and opened up the project, we realized that we haven’t heard the record for more than 10 years.
It was a passing stage, but it raised many nostalgic feelings. Dogface Unleashed was our first album and is like a baby to us. Fortunately, we found the main tracks on a backup hard disk and took it into my studio where everything came alive again.
It was there and then we decided not only to remaster, but to remix the whole album. It has been a fantastic project that brought the original band back together, and we realized we still have a lot in common, musically and when it comes to friendship that we really have missed. This can be something to build on for the future - who knows!
Many thanks to Andrew and the team at MelodicRock Records that you believe in the music of Dogface!”

We do believe indeed!

Dogface ‘ReLeashed’ features the following track listing:

01. Right Between Your Lies
02. Don't
03. I Don't Care
04. I Will Be There
05. A Single Reason
06. Rule the Night
07. You're Taken Me Down
08. Let It Out
09. Spit It Out
10. Set Me Free
11. Suicide
12. A Little Ain’t Enough (bonus Track)
13. Pray For Me (bonus track)

För ytterligare information: melodicrock.com

Jack Russell's Great White - "Blame It On The Night" (Lyric Video)

Jack Russell's Great White har släppt en lyrikvideo till låten "Blame It On The Night" från deras senaste album "He Saw It Comin´" Se videon här nedan.

måndag 11 december 2017

King Company släpper nytt album 2018

Det melodiösa hårdrocksbandet King Company kommer att släppa ett nytt studioalbum någon gång under nästa år. Detta blir deras första release med nye sångaren Leonard F. Guillan, som tidigare i år ersatte Pasi Rantanen. 2016 släppte King Company debutalbumet "One For The Road" via bolaget Frontiers Records. För ytterligare information: facebook.com/kingcompanyofficial

Mark Slaughter bjuder på låten "Halfway There"

Sångaren Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) släppte tidigare i år soloalbumet "Halfway There" och via spelaren här nedan kan man nu lyssna på plattans titelspår.